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Green Committee  

No longer visible on website as this committee was absorbed into the Livability & Sustainability Committee.  Keeping this page only for the history of it and for reference.


Board member co-chair:  Liz Staley
Stakeholder co-chair:  Lisa Turallo

Board members:  Jeremy Bowditch, Kirsten Judson

Stakeholder members:  Eric Newton


Mission Statement

The EPNC Green Committee advocates for the environmental protection and  enhancement of Echo Park. The Green Committee seeks to foster a more harmonious relationship with the natural flora and fauna of our beautiful neighborhood by education, spreading awareness, and organizing community improvement projects, plantings, and cleanups.

Meeting Time
1st Monday of the month at 7:30pm.

Please check the calendar for meeting details.


Committee Objectives:

  • Display responsible stewardship of our native land 

  • Create and maintain a clean, healthy neighborhood  

  • Preserve and expand green spaces in our neighborhood 

  • Advocate for composting, regenerative gardening, and native planting efforts 

  • Shed light and take action on local environmental justice issues

  • Advocate for reduced usage of plastics and fossil fuels 

  • Advocate for renewable energy use and production 

Stairs of Echo Park (map)

Agendas and Minutes

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