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The Echo Park Neighborhood Council is a publicly funded and elected group of individuals who live, work, own property, or otherwise have a connection to Echo Park. We address issues and engage in initiatives affecting the neighborhood as a whole, as well as in each of its six districts.

The EPNC connects residents on a local level with their city government and aims to address issues of safety, development, and quality of life with those who live and work around us.

When were Neighborhood Councils formed?

In June 1999, the voters of Los Angeles approved a new City Charter which created the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE). Its purpose is to promote more citizen participation in government and to make government more responsive to local needs through a citywide network of neighborhood councils. Each council is responsible for representing the diverse interests of its stakeholders.

The Echo Park Neighborhood Council was certified by the City on April 16, 2002.


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