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Stakeholder Advocacy Committee

Mission Statement:

The Stakeholder Advocacy Committee works with Echo Park Neighborhood Council board members and stakeholders to provide and improve the resources and communication of the Neighborhood Council for the benefit of the community. We are committed to a Neighborhood Council that is inclusive, respectful, and always working to build closer connections with the people it serves.

Please check the calendar for meeting details.

Board member Co chair:  Tyler Samples
Stakeholder Co-Chair:  Ro Hensley, Danielle Davis
Board members:   Zarinah Williams 
Stakeholders members:  Ellie P.;  Liz Staley

Contact the Committee:

Expectations of the Stakeholders Advocacy Committee (SAC)

The Stakeholders Advocacy Committee (SAC) explores opportunities to advocate for stakeholders by reviewing BONC/DONE policies & procedures, and other processes throughout the EPNC. The committee then makes recommendations to EPNC committees and the board based on stakeholder feedback.

The SAC is an opportunity for stakeholders to be more actively involved in shaping NC policy to affect change.


  • We are stakeholder-driven and community-oriented.

  • We empower stakeholders by giving their voices a dedicated space to make recommendations.

  • We act as a catalyst by partnering with other committees and board members to meet stakeholder objectives.

  • We are proactive rather than reactive and we are task-oriented.



  • Provide stakeholder educational resources on general NC policies and procedures

  • Provide stakeholder recommendations to the board for modifications to current policies, including but not limited to, BONC & DONE policies/procedures and codes of conduct.

  • Provide stakeholder accessibility recommendations to the board for virtual meetings, website information, and documentation.

  • Provide stakeholder recommendations for EPNC committee processes, and ongoing communications


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